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Importing targets in ThriftTrac


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      Evan Crass
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      Administrators now have the ability to add targets within ThriftTrac. To do so, go to Administration Tools > Targets. In the upper right corner, select “Import”. Select “Choose File” and then browse to the relevant CSV file containing targets. Lastly, select “Create Import” to initiative the import.

      Creating the Import file

      You may download an example file from the Import screen. Select “Download Sample” in the upper right to do so.

      The import file must include …

      • Type (i.e., retail, production, transportation, wholesale)
      • Date
      • Location ID

      The location ID can be found under Administration Tools > Locations and then selecting “View” for the relevant location. Review the digits at the end of URL in the address bar.

      location id

      In addition to the three required fields, up to four additional fields (or targets) may be defined for each Type. Although each organization may define the information for each field, the following definitions are currently used for custom dashboards created by SMCo Thrift.

      For retail targets, …

      • Amount 1 = Sales
      • Amount 2 = Labor Hours
      • Amount 3 = Average Transaction Amount
      • Amount 4

      For production targets, …

      • amount 1 = Production Value
      • Amount 2 = Labor Hours
      • Amount 3 = Average Price Per Piece
      • Amount 4 = Number of Pieces


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      Ben Dehmlow

      Hey Evan,
      We’re trying to import targets and keep getting error messages when using the sample you provided, just changing the location to ours as well as changing the values. Can you look into this, possibly upload some targets to our site, or give us some advice?

      Ben and Trapper

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      Evan Crass
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      Hey Ben and Trapper (@New2You). Thanks for letting me know about your difficulty. Any error message you receive should help point you in the right direction.

      Often times, the format of the date field is an issue. ThriftTrac records all data in a SQL database and so it’s important to use the date format YYYY-MM-DD. In most cases, a spreadsheet date format will be MM/DD/YYYY.

      Check your date field to make sure it’s formatted correctly.

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