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      Bruce Krapf

      Do you assign each bidder a number and record the amount beside a number? How long do you keep bidding open? I’m really looking for the process of hosting a silent auction.

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      Evan Crass
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      Hosting a silent auction will drive interest in a particularly unique item that has been donated. While the item can come from any category within the store, jewelry is a particularly good category of item to consider.

      In order to maintain anonymity in the bid process, two documents are needed. The first is the sign in sheet, which includes the bidder’s contact information and assigns a bidder number. The second is the actual bid sheet, which includes three pieces of information.

      • The bidder’s number
      • The bid amount
      • The date & time of the submitted bid


      The bid sheet lists the key requirements to participate too.

      1. Do not use your name. Get a bidder number from the cashier.
      2. All bids must increase by at least $1, but you can increase by more.
      3. All bids must be placed in person by the bidder. No phone in bids accepted.
      4. The highest bid wins. The winner will be contacted at the end of the auction. The item must be picked up within 5 days of the end of the auction.
      5. No coupons or discounts apply to the purchase of this item.


      Each silent auction typically lasts from 10 days to two weeks.

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