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      How do you handle excess clothing? We have one location that has an abundance of excellent clothing coming in as donations. Our pull schedule is within the 12 weeks so we are constantly getting fresh product on the floor. I don’t have the warehouse space for a baler so I’m only getting pennies for what has been on the floor and shopped through. Any recommendations to move through clothing? Bulk selling? Huge sales just to move through excess?

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      J.R. Slack

      Selling bulk clothing loose is a challenge for sure. When we first started and didn’t have room for a baler. We found a spot to put an empty tractor trailer container ( not sure if you have room behind your store? or sometimes the leasing company will allow you to keep it on their lot) and we filled it up with garbage bags full of clothing, when it was full we were able to get a better price for a “full” truck load. We then hired temp labor to move the bags from one container to another. The next best step would be securing a facility where you could put the clothing in gaylords on pallets and load a truck with a fork lift so you could eliminate the labor. Finally, it doesn’t take a great deal of space to bale clothes and that is certainly the best way to maximize the value of your second chance textiles. You can typically purchase fork lifts and balers used. At that point you could reach out to other stores who may be in the same situation and bale their clothes as well.

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