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    Kelly Golden

    How do you address customers who bring an item to the counter without a tag/ price? Is price negotiated at the counter, or is it immediately not sell-able and put back for re-processing?

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    Evan Crass
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    You’ve asked a great question, @kgolden. How you answer will set the precedent for others and will certainly impact your team.

    Our teams are encouraged to thank the customer for identifying the item with no tag and to then share it will be sent back to processing to be priced. It will be placed back on the floor, most likely, the following day.

    By delaying the potential sale, it’s possible the sale may be lost if the customer is unwilling to return tomorrow, but it also minimizes the likelihood that would-be customers will pull tags in the hopes of getting a better price at the counter. It also allows your retail associates to share a very clear process that is followed and removes them from the pressure of determining the “right” price in that moment.

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